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War and Peace

The Greatest Military Show on Earth!

This tape includes footage collected over four years at the War and Peace Show at the Hop Farm in Kent, England

Privately owned running vehicles--both tracked and wheeled--from many countries are featured.

Here are just some of the featured vehicles:

United Kingdom--Chieftain, Centurion AVRE, Comet, Churchill, Valentine DD, and various armored cars

United States--Various Shermans and Stuarts, Half-tracks, trucks from WWII and Vietnam.

Germany--Half-tracks like the Famo, Sdkfz 250 and 251, Hetzer, Tiger mock-up for film, Kubelwagen,  and the Opel Blitz.

Russia and Warsaw Pact--T-55, T-72, BAT tracked engineer vehicle, along with Czech and East German wheeled vehicles.

The video also includes footage of detailed radio controlled tank models big enough for G.I. Joes and the show's famous event where tanks crush cars.


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