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Ghost of the Third Reich: Volume II

This is a second video tape featuring running German armor and other vehicles.

Footage for this tape was collected at Fort Knox, USA and in England.

Featured are the FAMO heavy halftrack, Kubelwagen, Kettenkrad, Stoewer staff
car, Schwimmwagen, several restored Demag D7 halftracks, the Sdkfz 250 (Alte
and Neu), a real running Hanomag 251 and several Czech OT-810 halftracks.
Heavy armor featured includes the Hetzer and magnificent footage of a running
Jagdpanzer IV.

Finally, there is footage of a wonderfully recreated Tiger I which utilizes a T-55 hull
and a turret ring from an Abbott SP Gun. (This is much more convincing than the
conversions of T-34s used in Kelly's Heroes and Saving Private Ryan.)

Modelers, collectors and historians will love this tape!

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