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Fort Knox Reenactment-Memorial Day Weekend, 2004

For years the Patton Museum at Fort Knox played host to a well-attended battle reenactment held every July 4th.  This changed in 2004 when the museum staff decided that they could have a larger show with multiple events on Memorial Day weekend.  It was also hoped that the weather would be cooler, which certainly appealed to the WWII reenactors who had to wear wool uniforms!  The 2004 event was a big success, with pleasant weather and great attendance.  Visitors were treated over two days to four runnings of the "battle," and between battles the reenactors and museum staff were available to answer questions about the vehicles and tanks on static display.  Each battle was very exciting, with lots of reenactors and heavy equipment committed.  The reenactment even featured two German cavalry troopers serving as scouts on horseback.  This video features footage of the Friday preparations for the event, along with lots of action and running tracked and wheeled vehicles from the actual event.  The video is packed with details that will be of interest to enthusiasts and modelers. Below is a list of just some of the vehicles featured.

M4 Sherman (105-mm Howitzer)

M4A3 Sherman (75-mm gun)

Four Stuart M5A1 light tanks!...a whole platoon!

U.S. Halftracks

M20 Armored Utility Vehicle

German Demag D7 halftrack towing a 75-mm PAK

German Jagdpanzer 38T Hetzer tank destroyer


BMW sidecar combinations

Kubelwagens and Schwimmwagens

Numerous U.S. and German reenactors



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